Centre Veterinari Vora Mar

Wellbeing for you and your animal

Integrative overview about health

Warm and comprehensive care to the animal and its healthcarer. In a relaxing atmosphere where the sea and sun essence are very present.

We understand health as a sole concept and not separated diseases. We promote integrative medicine with conventional treatmens and natural therapies as acupuncture to achieve the same target of restablishing health.

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Who I am

Professional adventure

My fisrt job as a vet was spent in a 2 year internship in England with the goal of learning near specialized vets and living a personal experience abroad. I started to treat my first pacients with acupuncture there with good succes.
I always worked in a veterinary hospital environtments and integrated convetional medicine with traditional chinese medicine in my animal attention. I achived the diploma from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and I am an active member of the “Societat Científica d’Acupuntura” within the “Acadèmia de Ciències Mèdiques de Catalunya i les Illes Balears”. I am a member of the acupuncture based evidence group and cordinator of the veterinary acupuncture group. Lover of continued education and scientific research I got a scholarship in feline acupuncture. I presented the results in international and national congresses. From March 2019 I am the veterinary director of Centre Veterinari Vora Mar in Cubelles.


About me


I grew up with my dog Doba. She was like a sister for me: we played, fought and took care of each other. When she arrived to an old age she got sick and worsened very quickly. It was very had for my whole family to decide that putting her to sleep was the best option for her.

I had a childhood very linked to nature and animals. When my dog passed away I became interested in knowing what exactly happened to her. I wanted to learn more about animal health and medicine. Therefore I decided to study veterinary medicine, a vocational and exciting science!

During my years in university I discovered the field about complementary therapies and specially Traditional Chinese Medicine. I really loved the concept of considering the live being as one equilibrated and interrelated with nature cycles. Once I finished my studies, I carried out my first course about veterinary acupuncture in the same university.

Conventional veterinary medicine and acupuncture have always been together in my mind in order to restore the same one health. In this sense, the relationship with the animal and the carer is very important.



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Tot el que no sabíeu sobre acupuntura

La gent pensa que les agulles són doloroses

No és dolorosa

L’acupuntura provoca una sensació de benestar.

La medicina tradicional xinesa és qüestió de fe


Els efectes de l’acupuntura estan abalats per evidències científiques.

Tothom creu que l'acupuntura és costosa

Té valor

És una visita veterinària que pot marcar la diferència.

L'acupuntura és una teràpia placebo


Els animals i els nens demostren beneficis als tractaments.